pi art²

Over the span of lockdown almost everyone has picked up new hobbies or tucked back into an old one. I was no different. My hobby? I started sketching a lot.

I'd been dabbling in pencil and ink sketches since back in college, kept it up scattershot through my twenties and thirties, drew a web comic for a few years before my subject matter hit adolescence and became less cooperative, and then... lockdown.

Over the summer of '21 I tried out some field drawing and (sub)urban sketching around my neighbourhood and city, dipped my toe into using watercolours and different types of inks and styles, and even took a fresh sketchbook to Florida when we snuck away for a holiday vacation.

As the New Years arrived, I decided that rather than just dabble, I really wanted to work on improving and systematically practicing my sketching. As I begin this new leg of my journey I'd call myself a competent amature who needs to focus on technique and consistent style.

This site was born from that next phase: it is a collection of thoughts and exercises, and a way for me to catalog my own personal learning journey. I'm not an expert in art, but I've learned over the years how to be a better student of the the self-taught, and a methodical approach with clear goals and documentation is a foundation of that.

You are welcome to come along for the journey.